This customer has gastritis.Can't eat food. After eating, you will vomit. The doctor recommended eating banana powder. Customers order urgently like Line Man. We also provide service. From 10 p.m. we deliver...take it for a few days.The symptoms are the same as in the chat.Yes.😊😊😊่ะ😊😊😊

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      You can see results after taking it for two days. It means all the gas in your stomach comes out. You burp a lot. Going to the bathroom doesn't hurt. And it helps with good digestion. That is, in a way that allows us to eat food normally, not tightly. More painful or painful than the first time But I will eat it every day. It's better than buying medicine.

I feel happy. Haha. I'm not praising it, but I'm really speaking from experience after taking it because I couldn't sleep because gas filled my stomach. It's gone and will definitely order again. Good things from nature That is, I have to adjust my eating too. If you eat too much spicy food, it won't go away. 

🎉😃The customer has stomach pain. heartburn and have gastritis After eating Healthfruits banana powder They told me that my symptoms were better.😍No stomach pain and no stomach pain at all.

👉How banana powder works In raw banana powder there is a very high amount of tannins🔽#The tannins in bananas are found only in raw bananas. When cooked, this substance will disappear.🔽This substance will help coat the stomach, help heal ulcers and prevent ulcers from forming. And makes our stomach stronger for anyone who likes to eat spicy food. And helps control the secretion of acid in the stomach, thus helping with #acidreflux as well.👈 And there are many other benefits that you don't know. Let's continue in detail next time.😄
Just 1 glass a day before meals helps nourish the body.😊

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        Reviews from customers #stomachburning #stomach disease #acidreflux. Problems solved when taking it. #Raw Banana Powderhealthfruits #Raw Banana Powder can help you😊😊 Thank you very much.

Thank you very much to the lovely customers 💗

In addition to eating raw banana powder with warm water, Can also be taken with milk. Or any other things? It's quite good as a topping.